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Storm Damage | Hexagon Property
storm damage

Storm Damage

House Left Without Roof After Storm

A client got in touch with us after a heavy storm caused significant damage to the roof on their property. This resulted in rain entering the Walthamstow building, causing health hazards and significant discomfort. There were also significant issues with the structural integrity of the building, making the building increasingly vulnerable.

The resident leaseholders clearly needed an urgent solution to the damages that had been incurred.

This case shows the importance of proper insurance. Either you or the landlord has the responsibility to insure the property depending on the obligation in your lease.


In this case, dealing with the insurance claim was not straightforward. As our team had dealt with insurance claims before, we were able to manage insurers, contractors and the residence of the building to ensure a quick and effective resolution.

Our team has dedicated consultants who are surveyors by trade, who will protect your interests by overseeing the claim process and by responding to any of the insurance company’s queries. Our surveyors instruct competent contractors and project manage the rectification works to ensure the works have been properly carried out.

We immediately assessed the damage and arranged for a contractor to put a temporary remedy in place. We took photos to provide compelling evidence to make an insurance claim, balancing the urgency of resolving the repair matter with compiling an accurate and effective insurance claim.


In the end, the team had compiled enough evidence to make a retrospective claim for the client. The insurers reviewed the evidence of the storm by checking weather reports and the photographic evidence from the report compiled by our surveyor. They approved our methods in mitigating the circumstances and approved the claim for a new roof.

Please contact us if you are facing a similar challenge. There are many common pitfalls, such as making an effective claim and avoiding any threats to the claim, such as managing the timing of the subcontractor work.

Contact us today to discuss your case, we are happy to help you in this urgent matter.

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