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Old Building Safety Hazard | Hexagon Property
old building safety hazard

Old Building Safety Hazard

An old building did not comply with health Fire Order 2005 and Building Regulations

A tenant of a Streatham property got in touch with concerns that their building was not adequately complying with fire safety regulations. This property had been poorly managed by the previous managing agent and the landlord had not put the required measures in place to protect the tenants living in the building. This meant that tenants and contractors were all at risk.

Requirements and Your Rights

Fire Order 2005 and Building Regulations require a building with self-contained units with a shared entrance to have interlinked fire alarms, a well-lit emergency exit and fire-resistant doors to contain a fire.

A building without fire prevention and safety measures should not be occupied. Unfortunately, this was the case for our client’s building, so action was needed to be taken quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

We first arranged a meeting with the landlord to discuss the prospect of our company undertaking the management, taking our knowledge and experience with similar projects into consideration.

As soon as the landlord agreed and we were officially instructed, we appointed on of our experienced and trusted assessors to carry out the assessment. This identifies and records the compliance issues and subsequently recommends implementing remedial works.

We then instructed qualified and experienced contractors to safely and effectively carry out the work. We only contract professionals who can demonstrate a level 3 minimum of competence in fire risk, engineers design and install systems in accordance with current regulations. Within 5 working days we arranged for an entire building consisting of 25 flats to have interlinked fire alarm system.


The risk level is assessed and measured on a number scale between 1-25, where the higher the number, the higher the risk. We successfully managed to reduce all risks to level hazards of minimum 1s and 2s. An assessment is now conducted every year in accordance with recommendations and regulations.

A new system is now in place which acts as a prevention and notification measure to protect occupants. To date, we haven’t had a detrimental event but the property has been prepared to the best possible position to protect occupants and visitors in any such event.

If you are concerned about the safety of your building, please do contact our team to discuss the next best possible steps you can take, and how we can help.

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