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Listed Building Conservation Compliance | Hexagon Property

Listed Building Conservation Compliance

  “Our building is dated and we want to modernize however any major renovation is protected by the English Heritage “

A client contacted us in July 2013 requesting our services for the project management and procurement of renovations for their listed buildings. The project involved the complete renovation of their grade II listed building in central London.

Naturally, our client wanted a high-end finish renovation work which would add value to the property without compromising the protected listed building status.

When it comes to works on listed buildings, it’s important to fully understand the extent to which work that alters the character of the building can lead to the owners being faced with enforcement action.

In the case of breaching the building’s listed status, the owner can land with a criminal record whilst incurring a significant financial penalty and costs of reverting it back to its preserved state.

How We Approached the Project

Our team are experienced in dealing sensitively and carefully with projects that involve a listed building. We knew that it would be important to work closely with the heritage council, to fully outline a detailed plan of works and to hire specialist architect contractor.

The client’s intention for the building was to rent out separate flats within the building, so it was crucial that ample planning took place and that the schedule was adhered to. We helped the client understand the types of potential occupiers who may be attracted to rent the property once flats were developed in order to plan a budget that would bring a healthy return on their investment.


Five flats were redeveloped respecting the limitations of the listed building, with help of the full-time presence of our specialist contractor, who did an immaculate job. We completed the project just under budget and were able to advise the client on their options for resale and management. The project was completed in 2014, taking a year to complete.

Profit Made, History Preserved

The client wanted to maintain the properties as a long-term investment. However, we are pleased to announce that in December 2014, the client was offered twice the price the development cost him. Eventually, it became an offer he couldn’t refuse, therefore he sold the property and moved on, having doubled his investment.

It was a pleasure to help them preserve of a piece of history and to sell the property at a profit.

Do you own a listed property? Would you like to renovate or develop it, or perhaps sell it on? Our team of specialists are available to assist you in your project. Please do contact our team to discuss your case in detail.

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